What to Expect on Your First Visit

Our office can be found in the middle of the block on Noriega Street between 21st and 22nd Ave. It is located on the ground floor, and you'll notice upon entering that the reception area is open. Our staff does not hide behind glass and are here to greet you face to face. We will greet you in whichever language you prefer: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, or even Toisan. You will be asked for your insurance card and given some forms to read and sign. Our staff will use your card to confirm the effective date of your insurance coverage and your Primary Care Provider (commonly known as a PCP). While it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to make sure his or her insurance is valid, we will typically check on your behalf to help avoid unnecessary costs to you. (Please note: if your effective date is not current or your PCP is not one of our doctors, and you still want to see the doctor you and NOT your insurance become responsible for payment!) When your forms have been completed, an EMR--that is, an Electronic Medical Record file, will be created for you. We will also take a photo of you to put in your file so that there are no mistaken identities! Then we will collect from you the office visit copay that is allotted by your insurance and you will be given a receipt. Not all insurances require a copay. Please confirm with your insurance company or agent. If you are a cash patient, payment will be collected after your visit.

When our medical assitant (or MA) calls your name, your height and weight will be checked, and you will be escorted to one of our examination rooms. There, the MA will check your temperature, blood pressure, and your pulse. After the results have been electronically entered into your file, you will be asked to wait for the doctor. If you are here for a History & Physical Exam, a disposable robe will be provided for you and you will be asked to change, behind closed doors of course. After that, it's between you and your doctor. All your records are strictly confidential.

To learn more about the different services we offer, go to our Services page.

If you have any further questions or concerns please refer to our FAQ section or contact us.

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